Żoliborz Business Concept offers fully finished turn-key investment micro-apartments. Micro-apartments are small premises with high fit-out standard, and their size range (from 16 to 38 m2) guarantees affordable prices.

By acquiring a micro-apartment you can fully deduct the VAT.



Micro-apartments are an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced investors wishing to diversify their investment portfolio. They are also a wise solution for those who do not plan to spend too much on a property.

Buying a micro-apartment with a fit-out package guarantees 5% annual profit – for a period of 10 years!


micro-apartments for sale


It’s easier than you think

investment benefits

Purchase  a turn-key micro-apartment

Sign the management agreement with the operator

Get a guaranteed yearly return rate
of 5% for 10 years!

(of the net invested amount)

Purchase a micro-apartment with a fit-out package

Lease a high-standard apartment

Take care of your tenants

Enjoy the profit

Purchase a turn-key micro-apartment

Live in a convenient and prestigious location

Take advantage of all the facilities

Enjoy the perfect home

profit calculator

see how much profit you can gain

These calculations present net amounts, are included for illustration purposes only
and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of article 66 of the civil code.
They may differ from actual parameters resulting from the contract.

Micro-apartments bring only advantages

additional benefits

  • Retirement insurance in the form of a fixed income
  • Rapid return on capital (after 10 years 50% of the net price of a micro-apartment with a fit-out package)
  • After 10 years profit is split 50/50
  • Repair fund (0.3%) from the 10th year of operation
  • Increase in property value
  • Low purchase price
  • Ability to fully deduct the VAT
  • Depreciation of fit-out costs
  • No administrative costs – the operator pays the rent
  • Land under the building with ownership rights, no perpetual usufruct fees
  • A separate property law, including a perpetual usufruct and share in common property

*The buyer is obliged to pay taxes and local fees for the ownership of the micro-apartment in accordance with any applicable regulations and the terms set out in the lease agreement.
*The buyer is obliged to pay the tax on the income from renting the micro-apartment, in accordance with any applicable regulations.

Interior fit-out

Turn-key apartment

Żoliborz Business Concept offers ready-to-live premises – fully finished and furnished.

A fit-out package is a timely and comprehensive implementation – which guarantees quality and, above all, time and money savings.

Fit-out package for investment micro-apartments in development.

It’s easier than you think

rental management offer

Żoliborz Business Concept offers a comprehensive apartment care and management system that provides:


The Operator’s task is to take comprehensive care of the property – from the moment of reservation, through the guests’ stay, and until the moment they leave the micro-apartment.

The operator ensures the continuity of the rental of the property and effective promotion of the premises managed by them.

If you are buying property for investment purposes, entrust your rentals to professionals!

As an owner, you do not have to spend time and energy engaging in rental and individual advertising – especially when the micro-apartment is not situated close to you.